Albariño Valdocea

Wine making

Selection of Albariño variety grapes in a perfect, excellent state of ripeness. An excellent quality must is made from a thorough pressing, with body and stable. Fermentation of the alcohol takes place in stainless steel vats, at a controlled temperature of 18ºC; when fully fermented, all the wines are decanted to separate the dregs, followed by the “coupage” of the various vats. The wine is then stabilized by applying cold, filtered and bottled, after passing through a microbe-free filter process to ensure that the wine is preserved in the bottle in perfect condition.


Bright scents of green apple deepen to green olive in this robust wine. There’s tension in the mineral finish, with a pleasantly abrasive edge.


Alcohol content 12,5 % vol.
Total acidity 5,7 grs./L
Volatile acidity 0,36 grs./L
Reducing sugars 1,2 grs./L
Free sulphur 35 mgs./L
Total sulphur 80 mgs./L
Serving temperature 9ºC/12ºC.